Love taking photos, hate being photographed.

So, our book editors at Korero books let me know they needed a photo of me for the book flap. I pretty much procrastinated for months, until I had no choice. So, I asked Lisa, makeup artist extraordinaire, to take a portrait of  me. After endless giggling fits while she was applying my makeup (it is SO weird to have her face so close to mine, I can’t help but laugh), we finally got to the photo taking part.

Anyway, here’s the result. And yes, apparently my nostrils are asymmetrical. Didn’t know that. Great.


14 Responses to “Love taking photos, hate being photographed.”

  1. Love it. You look a bit like your name could be Natasha and you could snap me in two like a leetle tvig.

  2. You look AMAZING G!!!!! You are such a glamour puss!!!!!

  3. Miss Simone Velevt Says:

    OMG, how stunning are you….Your a total Rock Star

  4. i love it 🙂

  5. tinaforever Says:

    holy smokes! you look like you’re ready to spank the shit outta someone!

  6. Extremely powerful picture, filled with confidence, and poise! You are amazing Gayla. Nice job LIsa. Excited to get the book in my hands.

  7. it’s gorgeous, but you need a smiling one because you are laughing ALL the time!

  8. Gayla, you should take some photos more often!!! Of yourself!! I love the power in this picture. Gorgeous!

  9. Hello Evil Nurse! Gorgeous darling. Gorgeous!


  11. omg Gayla! You’re so hot! Marry me.

  12. You look absolutely amazing!!!!!

  13. you are too beautiful to be behind the lens!!! hot hot hot

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