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Alexander McQueen is a genius, season over season.

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I very rarely like a designers work season over season. Often I only like parts of their collection, picking and choosing things that appeal to me. Alexander McQueen is the exception. The 2010 season blew me away. I do have to say, though, that the hair and makeup choices in alot of his collections leaves me cold. Especially this last one. The weird horn hairdos were distracting, in my opinion. But he is a genius, and his shoes are divine.

From various seasons:






This should come as no surprise….

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I spent a few years growing up in New Jersey. Some of my fondest memories growing up, in a childhood of really great memories, was during this time. Every year, my parents would take us to New York City for Christmas. 

It should come as no surprise, if you look at my work at all, that the Christmas themed window displays had a significant impact on me, artistically.  Alot of my high concept work are simply photographic window displays.  Below are some awesome examples, although not all are from the holiday season. Of course, most are from Bergdorf Goodman windows. Swoon.






On an unrelated note, I distinctly remember one time going and seeing advertisements for the off-Broadway play “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom”. I wanted to go see it sooo bad. I must have been 10. I am not sure I even knew what the title meant. Needless to say, Mom and Dad weren’t down for it.

I am obsessed with Pinkytoast!

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I am sure most of y’all know her work already, but in case you don’t….  Her work is delicate and whimsical and there isn’t a piece she does that I don’t adore. I want these little girls all over my house, simply because they make me happy! Enjoy!




You can buy her work on her Etsy page here:

Cupcake Porn: Sugadeaux Cupcakes

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I love singing the praises of my friends. It is easy when they are as talented as our friend Jess Pryles, owner of Sugadeaux Cupcakes in Melbourne Australia.  We met Jess when she was doing a guest baking spot at Sugar Mama’s in Austin. Jess loves to eat as much as we do, it was a fast friendship over chicken fried steak! As beautiful as her cupcakes are, they are even more delicious. Seriously, crazy amazing! Here are some pics of her mini works of art, and the photo we took of her when she was in Austin. Check out her work at:






One of 666’s favorites: Marla Rutherford

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One of the most often asked questions in interviews I do is ‘Who is your favorite contemporary photographer?’ I have a few favorites, but perhaps the top artist on that list is Marla Rutherford.  Rutherford’s work is so clean, vibrant, and sharp I could get lost in them for days. My interests very rarely run towards fetish photography, but her work is so much more than the fetish elements that are present. Below are some examples of her work. Truly amazing! G




Check out more of her work at:

Back from New Orleans

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Just got back from a great trip to New Orleans. We spent Halloween there and it was a blast. We ate some amazing food and did a ton of walking! Got to hang out with Heidi Van Horne and Angel Jagger, too. I finally got a chance to go to Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World where they make the fiberglass and foam props for the floats. It was awesome and gave me a ton of ideas on how to make some large scale props I have been wanting to do. I didn’t bring my camera to Nola, this was a true vacation, but I did take a couple with my Blackberry. Lame, I know. Here’s Mishell in a mask, and a cool serpent thing.  I was in heaven! G