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So, every year Flatstock comes to Austin..and I spend a lot of money.  If you like screenprinting, it’s like giant candy store set up for three days. Our studio also usually hosts a party with many of the artists, and it is always a drunken blast (fun with wheelchairs, leaking kiddie pools, stickers of questionable taste, etc). I am always happy when Stainboy Reinel comes over. Super interesting fella. People always ask what kind of art do I collect. Well, I collect a lot. A. LOT! And Stainboy’s prints are one of them. Both of these beauties hang in my office, and they are huge and gorgeous! Go check out his work:

Form vs. function…who cares, it’s gorgeous!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 3, 2009 by 666photography

I am sure alot of you have the seen the amazing steampunk styled laptop, which makess me drool.  In case you haven’t, it is below. I went searching for this guy’s site, and found that he also makes the most amazing keyboards. Add this to Gayla’s list of really cool stuff she’d eat Ramen for a year to own! Swoon! Go see all of his wonderful works here: