Huge Print Sale!

So, over the course of a year, I order prints to keep my stock up as we sell a lot of prints through our websites. Downside of this is I don’t generally check my stock before ordering. I have  a giant 6 drawer flat file that I store these in and pull as orders come in. We are doing a huge clean out from 2010, and I found that I have a lot of extra prints on hand. My poor management 😉 is your gain! The flat file is full, and I need room for newer prints! Our 16X20 prints sell for $75 and 11X14 are usually $50.

Through this sale, 16X20’s are going to be $45 and 11X14 are $30, unless otherwise noted (see Muertos).

They are all gallery quality prints on Kodak paper. Most are on Metallic Paper which make for super rich colors and look amazing. Some of these prints aren’t even available on our websites.

This print sale will be going on for 7 days only, then you’ll probably have to wait a year to get them discounted again. A few prints I only have one of, so move fast in case the one you choose is limited.

Domestic shipping will be $7, regardless of number of prints. International is $10. To claim your print, email me at and put PRINT SALE in the subject. Then tell me which print and I will confirm it is still available and send you a Paypal invoice for the total. Use the made-up name that is above each print so I know which ones you want!

So, here are the prints that are on sale!!!

“Mia” 16X20 on Metallic paper:
















“Heidi Van Horne-yellow” 16X20 Metallic paper















“Heidi Van Horne–Red” 16X20 Metallic Paper
















“Pygmy Goat 1” 16X20 Metallic
















“Pygmy Goat–2 goat” 16X20 Metallic
















“Montgolfier Balloon” 16X20 Metallic
















“Kalani Circus” 16X20 Metallic











“Spring Mucha” 16X20 Metallic Paper (note this print is 20 inches long, and about 9 inches wide)

















“Autumn Mucha” 16X20 Metallic paper (note this print is 20 inches long, and about 9 inches wide)


















“1920’s 1” 16X20 Metallic Paper (also available in 11X14 for $30)

















“Candy 1” 16X20 Metallic Paper
















“Frog Princess” 16X20 Metallic Paper















“Tara Hawaii” 16X20 metallic Paper

















“jenovia Moon” 16X20 metallic Paper














“Jami Deadly Cheetah 1” 16X20 metallic Paper (also available in 11X14 for $35)

















“Jorie Hawaii” 16X20 Metallic Paper




















“Virgin mary” 16X20 Metallic Paper

















“Circus Pair” 16X20 Metallic Paper

















“mini Horse 1” 16X20 Metallic paper

















“Tribute To Bernard” 16X20 Metallic Paper

















“peacock” 16X20 Metallic Paper















“Kalani Marie Antoinette” 16X20 Metallic paper
















“Sabina Swimming” 16X20 metallic paper (also available in 11X14 for $30)















“Joan of Arc” 16X20 Metallic paper

















“Baroque” 16X20 metallic Paper

















“Victorian 1” 16X20 (also available in 11X14 for $30)

















“Victorian 2” 16X20


















“Dinosaur Kristin” 11X14 metallic paper

















“PINK!” 11X14 Metallic Paper

















“Carmen Miranda” 11X14 metallic paper

















Tara with Lion 11X14
















Turquoise Jami 11X14

















“Jami in Diamonds” 11X14
















“Jami on Ball” 11X14

















“Jami on Swing” 11X14

















“isis Wings La Davina” 11X14


















“Kalani Virgin Closeup” 11X14













“Jami as Marilyn” 11X14
















“Turquoise Jami 2” 11X14
















“Kalani Virgin full photo” 11X14 metallic paper

















“Accordian” 11X14

















“lucite bathtub” 11X14

















“Lucite tub with sky” 11X14
















Our Muertos are our biggest sellers. i have just a couple of them that will be part of this sale, so grab them quick! They are usually only sold in 16X20 for $75!

Spring Muertos in 16X20 for $50, 11X14 for $35

















“Winter Muertos in 16X20 for $50, 11X14 for $35


















“Summer Muertos in 16X20 for $50, 11X14 for $35

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