High Concept Steampunk Circus For-a-Day!

666 is going back to its theatrical roots! This next High-Concept For-a-day is going to be one of the largest sets we have ever constructed. If you have ever wanted to do a 666 high concept with a super over-the-top set, this one is for you! This is going to be the kind of art print that you blow up huge and put in a gilt frame and hang on your wall, and not feel weird at all that it is you in the picture! This set is going to be 20 feet long, possible the largest we have done! We are busting out our power tools and construction skills and building you a fantasy STEAMPUNK CIRCUS SET!
We are combining some of our favorite things for this concept which is going to be MAGICAL!
We are going to have life-size steampunk circus animals! Think a Victorian circus with everything bronzed… metal balloons, cage skirts, over the top costumes, dark circus, in a set that is overwhelmingly large! It is going to be amazing, and all for the price that other photographers charge for a simple color backdrop shoot!
We have been brainstorming this set for a while, but put it off because it was going to be so large. Now we are ready! The photos below will give you an idea of the feel we are going for, as I know this can be a little hard to picture as a customer.
Yes, I know the above is Brittney. But what an awesome set! 😉
All you need top bring is a corset in any color, shoes and underwear! We are providing the rest! We are even busting out our costume design skills like we did with Muertos to make the most amazing steampunk costumes for you. All sizes will be accommodated, so you don’t have any excuses!
Also, since this shoot is so large, we are actually posting it months before the shoot. This gives us time to build the set, but also give you time to save before your shoot. Heck, ask for Santa to bring the shoot to you for Christmas!
The dates:
April 7-8
April 14-15
Times 10AM, 12:30PM, 3PM, 5:30PM

We expect this to sell out quickly. So contact us to secure your slot asap.  The shoot will be $400. To secure your slot, we require a $200 non-refundable deposit. To grab one, email book666pics@gmail.com with the date and time you prefer. Include a second date/time option in case your first one is already taken. Once we have set the schedule, which takes a couple of days, we will send out invoices for the deposit.

You will get 5 fully edited photos in print ready size, along with the option to get any other photo edited that we take. You will also get a low res unedited gallery, online, to see all the photos as well. The remaining $200 balance is due at shoot time. This gives you 4 MONTHS to save!

Because it is going to be so large and expensive to create, we have to make sure we have the minimum amount of gals sign up.It has never ever happened before, but just in case, we reserve the right to cancel the shoot. We will do so before we invoice anyone. It’s just that this set is going to cost us a ton, and we have to make sure we have enough interest!

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