Huge Summer Print Sale!!!!

So, over the year, we order prints then forgot we ordered them, and order more. Our bad memory is your gain! Making room for new prints and new stock to take with us to the Calgary Tattoo convention!  The discount prices are below, and are less than we sell them anywhere!

8X12: $15 (see pics below to give you better idea of each size!)

11X14: $25

12X18: $35

16X20 $50

We have prints in each sizes, too many differing prints to post them all here. Below is just a sample of what we have. Some, we may only have one of, so move fast! Check out our website and look in both the pinup and high concept sections for prints we have. Almost any pic we have taken, we have at least one print of! YAY!

Domestic shipping will be $5, regardless of number of prints. International is $10. To claim your print, email me at and put PRINT SALE in the subject. Then tell me which print and I will confirm it is still available and send you a Paypal invoice for the total. Use the made-up name that is above each print on our website or describe it in the email so I know which ones you want!

8X12  photo (2)  sale2

There are so many more shots available, so go to and find the print you want! Mosh prints are available too!

summermuertos  wintermuertos  springmuertos

skylucitetub  sabinaswimming  virgin  pink

jamicheetah1  pygmy1  pygmy2goattribute to bearnard

turquoisejami  1920s  kalanimarieaontoinette  lucite tub

sale  sale3 sale4

Again, above is just a FRACTION of the pics we have, so look on our site, or online, or Facebook and find a 666 print you want to buy !

Cheers! G

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